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Women's Equality Day: Remembering the 19th Amendment

Guest Blog by OVF Director of Special Projects Marina Mecl

Women's Equality Day Collage by Marina MeclEvery year when August 26 is nearing, I feel a tug at my heart.

Women’s Equality Day was designated by a joint resolution of Congress in 1971 at the behest of Bella Abzug. It’s easy for me to remember the year because it’s when I moved back to Europe.

Bella was right to insist on an official designation of this day: it means we can never forget the significance of the signing of the 19th Amendment to our Constitution in 1920 which gave women in the United States the right to vote.

Progress Update: Uniformed Military and Overseas Voters Act

Guest Posting From: Chip Levengood, Chairman, Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF)

Hot off the press from Chicago - OVF is pleased to report another very significant victory to facilitate absentee voting by overseas citizens and uniformed military members and their families. On July 15, 2010, the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) voted unanimously to approve the final draft of the Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act (UMOVA). The ULC promotes the adoption of identical legislation, i.e. uniform laws, to promote national unity. UMOVA, after enactment by the various states and territories, will extend the major advances and protections of the federal MOVE (Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment) Act to all state and local elections.

The MOVE Act, signed by President Obama in October 2009, establishes full federal guarantees to all overseas and military voters:

Emailed Ballots: A Security Assessment

Private email over the Internet is not a secure method of transfer for documents containing your confidential identity information. This is why Overseas Vote Foundation recommends that voters return their ballots by regular mail and fax.

And yet approximately 18 states are allowing overseas and/or military voters to return their voted ballots by scanning them in and attaching the file to an email.