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Overseas Voter Services

Overseas Vote is an initiative of U.S. Vote Foundation.

The complete range of voter tools and information specific to overseas voters and military voters is provided to you through the U.S. Vote Foundation website.

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Upcoming Primary Election Dates

A complete list of upcoming primary election and caucus dates, with links to each state’s deadlines for registering, requesting your absentee ballot, and returning your ballot.

Register to Vote / Request your Absentee Ballot

Guided, online overseas and military voter registration and ballot request process for all states and territories. Overseas and military voters must refile the federal form every calendar year during which they would like to vote, as well as whenever they change their address. 

Election Dates and Deadlines

Every election has a unique set of deadlines for every voting action. Here you will find election dates and voter registration, ballot request and ballot return deadlines for overseas and military voters.

Election Office Contact Information

Election officials are a source of trusted information and support to overseas and military voters. Address and contact information for all U.S. election offices is available in the Election Official Directory.

How to Submit Your Registration and Ballot Request Form

State-by-state detailed information for overseas and military voters, including eligibility and identification requirements, and Voter Materials Transmission Options for submitting and receiving voter registration forms, ballot request applications, and ballots.

Are You Registered?

Look up your voter registration status with your state. Note! To vote from abroad, registered overseas voters must still file the overseas ballot request form every year.

Track Your Ballot

Here you can find the direct link to your state’s ballot tracking service to check the status of your absentee/vote-by-mail ballot.

Voter Help Desk

Get answers to your questions about voting. See our detailed library of frequently asked questions, or submit your question and receive a personalized answer from our specialized overseas and military voter support team.

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U.S. Vote Foundation offers complete voter services to all voter types including voters abroad and uniformed services voters and their families.

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