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Myth #1 - Previous Voting Record


I heard that US overseas voters must have voted before in the US to later vote from abroad.


To register and request your overseas ballot, there is no previous voting requirement. You can even be a first-time voter!

Unfortunately U.S. citizens abroad don't always leave the continent having had the opportunity or inclination to vote. They might move overseas before they are of voting age, or simply leave without having had the pleasure of casting a ballot domestically. They also might have been born abroad to American parents. Any number of reasons could be added to this list for why you might never have voted before. 

We bring good news! As a U.S. citizen, you carry your right to vote with you - anywhere you are in the world. And you do not have any requirement to have voted before. First time voters are welcome.

For example, you could be 80 years old, have lived abroad for more than 65 years, and never voted in the U.S. before this very year. Or you could have left the US at 30 and never voted before. Regardless of your particular circumstances, your right to vote is still with yours to use. You need to know your last US residence address, or that of your parents if you were born abroad, and to register and request your ballot using the correct form - which our website provides. 

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