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U.S. Elections: Voting from Abroad as a Dual Citizen

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U.S. elections garner so much media attention worldwide, it's no wonder that the topic of voting as a dual citizen comes up so frequently. If you are a dual national living in the U.S. or abroad, wondering whether you can vote in the upcoming election....

Here's the good news: Yes, you can vote in U.S. elections as a dual citizen. 

Your U.S. citizenship and right to vote go with you where ever you are in the world. 

As a dual national living abroad and voting as an overseas voter, I thought I might share my own experience to give some perspective on the process. 

With U.S. citizenship and a strong sense of my own civic identity, combined with the work I do, voting in U.S. elections is of course my top priority. Making voting from abroad easier and more accessible is what my life's work is about, so it's natural that I want all my compatriots to enjoy this rewarding experience as well. Voting in two different countries doesn't diminish one nationality or sense of country over the other - it makes the voting experience in both of them even better! 

At Overseas Vote, we stand by the belief that the U.S. overseas voting program is one of our very best voting programs and that its modernization and online features make a real difference to enable easier voting from anywhere in the world you happen to be. A raft of overseas voter services are at your disposal and a Voter Help Desk with trained helpers are ready to assist you to participate in U.S. election from abroad. 

Have you noticed that while living abroad, your awareness has broadened and your connection to the U.S. has become stronger? Perhaps seeing and hearing about the U.S. from afar gives you a new perspective, not just on America, but on the impact of U.S. policies across the world. Of course you want to weigh in on who will run the U.S. government! You have every right to, and you should. You can vote!

Beyond civic duty - while we all have that - it's a deeply rewarding experience to cast a ballot from abroad and know that it will be equal to any vote cast from within the domestic United States. Because, no matter where you are in the world, you carry your right to vote with you - it's right there in your pocket. 

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Born abroad? If you are a U.S. citizen born abroad to at least one U.S. citizen parent, you have also be wondering about your right to vote from abroad. Very often, the answer is yes. But it's important to dig into the details of this topic. Please see our FAQ, "As a U.S. citizen born abroad, can I vote?" for further information.

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