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Will voting from abroad affect my tax status?

Unfortunately, misconceptions about voting and taxes keep many overseas citizens from casting their ballots. 

  • Here is our best advice: If you are living abroad indefinitely and do not own any property in the U.S., vote for federal-level offices only to avoid any tax status implications. 
  • We cannot offer the same assurances when it comes to the tax implications of voting from abroad for offices at the state and local levels. 
  • The overseas absentee voting program (UOCAVA) is a federal program that allows you to vote for federal offices. This includes President and Vice President of the United States, your U.S. House of Representatives Congressperson, and your U.S. Senator. UOCAVA does not technically include voting for any state or local offices. Your state may send you a ballot that includes federal, state and local races, but that is because the state has chosen to do so. You are not obligated to vote for all races listed on the ballot. If in doubt, you can vote only for the federal offices.
  • We will risk repeating: If you are overseas with no plans to return and do not own any property in the U.S., vote for federal offices only to avoid any tax status implications. Don’t let the fear of taxes stop you from casting your ballot!
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