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Overseas Voter Registration - how does it work, how do I do it?

The overseas voter registration process consists of completing a form and submitting it to your election office. For most states, our website will assist you to sign and submit the form online in one quick session.

While many states will create their own form, all states MUST accept the federal form, typically called the "FPCA", and we strongly suggest you use it exclusively if you want to vote from abroad. Overseas Vote offers you the benefit of an online form completion with instructions on how to submit your form, including all contact information for your election office. 

Using the FPCA form assures that your voting rights and process are protected under the federal overseas voting law, the Uniformed and Overseas Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA). It also guarantees that you receive all the features and benefits afforded to US overseas citizens and military voters

The FPCA has a dual purpose. It is simultaneously an overseas voter registration form AND an overseas absentee ballot request. You will only need to complete and submit this one form each calendar that you wish to vote from abroad, or as a military voter. Once your overseas voter registration form is submitted, you will have the statues of an overseas voter and your absentee ballot should come to you for the next federal election.  

You can find the overseas voter registration form and associated services on our Overseas Voter Services page. 

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