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I have another question. Who can I ask?

U.S. Vote Foundation and our Overseas Vote initiative are very proud of our Voter Help Desk, which, every election year for the past two decades, has helped thousands of US citizens register to vote and request their overseas absentee ballots.

When you're away from home, traveling, living, working, or serving your country - you could have any number of situations and circumstances that seem like they complicate your voting situation. You are not alone! 

Please don't assume you should know something, or that asking a question is troublesome. No issue should get in the way of you voting. It's your right to vote from abroad, and you can!

Don't let a question stand between you and voting - our Voter Help Desk is here for you. No question is too large or small.

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U.S. Vote Foundation offers complete voter services to all voter types including voters abroad and uniformed services voters and their families.

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