We appreciate your visit to the Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF) website and your interest in our services. Below you will find the policy that applies to information that we collect and use on this website. Use of the website constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy.

This policy does not apply to information that we may collect about you from other sources.  Our company and our web servers and storage appliances are located in the continental United States.  As such, our information collection and use practices are governed by the laws of the United States, and we strive to conform to those laws, not the laws of foreign jurisdictions, which may provide for different or more protections than those offered under U.S. law.

OVF's Collection and Use of Personally Identifiable Data    
You can visit the Overseas Vote Foundation website without revealing any personally identifiable data.  However, we do collect personally identifiable data from you online in features of our website including name, address, and telephone number.  This information may be requested when you: (i) establish a voter account in “My Voter Account”; (ii) join one of our mailing lists; (iii) complete a Volunteer Profile; (iv) send us an email using the Ask Us contact form; and (v) send us a question or comment using the Voter Help Desk.  Information you submit is used to respond to your request, to provide you with our products and services, for our marketing and research purposes, and for our legitimate business purposes. 

We will share your information if we believe we are required by law to do so, to cooperate with legal investigations, or to protect our Site, our organization, or your safety and the safety of other website visitors. We may share your information with affiliates and partners that agree to treat it in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We do not transfer personally identifiable information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes.

RAVA Service
OVF primary service is to provide an online, dynamically created Registration and Absentee Voting Application (RAVA). With RAVA, a website visitor can generate a valid Federal Post Card Application form that can be used for UOCAVA eligible voters. To function as intended, our software requires users to send various pieces of personal data over the Internet and through our software and servers. Because of the highly sensitive nature of this data, OVF takes a number of precautions, including the following:

  • OVF does not track or archive Social Security Numbers, State Drivers License Numbers, State Issued Identification Card Numbers or complete birth dates when they are submitted as part of your use of the RAVA service.  
  • During a registration session, personally identifiable data is stored only long enough to dynamically generate a completed Registration/Ballot Request form PDF file.
  • PDF files are generated dynamically and are immediately deleted from our servers. By the time you receive your Registration/Ballot Request form through direct download, the data has been removed from temporary file space.

Mailing List Subscriptions    
OVF offers a number of mailing list subscriptions for users to stay informed about UOCAVA voting issues. When signing up for an OVF mailing list, subscribers give OVF permission to contact them via email at OVF's discretion and to store their full name, email address, current country of residence, and voting state. Storage of this personally identifiable data is separate from all other OVF services. At anytime, OVF mailing list subscribers can immediately unsubscribe by using the Unsubscribe tool.
Donor Credit Card Information    
OVF uses a third party service to process all credit card and electronic check donations made to our organization. OVF does not store credit card information on any of our servers.

Cookies and Non-Personal Information    
Cookies are files that are placed on the hard drive of your computer to identify your computer and your preferences when visiting websites. With the help of cookies, your experience at a website can be more useful and more convenient.  Certain of our features require that you enable cookies on your computer, including RAVA and the Election Official Directory (EOD). We require that you enable cookies before using those services, because cookies are necessary to manage your secure session and protect the security of the information you provide us. Without cookies enabled, neither RAVA nor the EOD are accessible. You may, however, use any other section of the OVF website without having cookies enabled in your browser.
For quality and statistical purposes OVF stores and tracks non-personally identifiable information. OVF uses this data in aggregate form and has no way of connecting statistical data with actual users of the system. OVF will track, for example, how many visitors have completed a  Registration/Ballot Request form for each particular state. All actual users of the system remain completely anonymous. OVF has no interest or use in tracking the personally identifiable data of our users. In fact, by not tracking personally identifiable data, OVF can better ensure the safety and security of all of our users world-wide.

Data Security Measures    
When collecting sensitive personally identifiable information such as full name, address, and social security number, OVF web servers force an encrypted connection using 128/256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. This is the same technology used by all major bank and credit card companies to insure privacy while doing business over the Internet. Without this protection, private communications between a user's computer and OVF's web servers could be compromised since unencrypted data travels in plain text over the Internet.
Links to Other Websites    
The OVF website contains links to other websites. We cannot be responsible for the content of these websites and have no control over how these sites treat your personal information or whether they follow applicable privacy laws.
Contacting OVF
If you have suggestions, comments or questions regarding this privacy and security policy, please contact:

Overseas Vote Foundation
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Arlington, VA 22207 USA
Tel +1 202 470 2480

Our Privacy Policy may change for time to time. If we change this Privacy Policy, the revised policy will be posted on this page of our website. Please check back periodically, in particular when you provide any personally identifiable information.

Last update: Feb 28, 2013

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