by Susan, OVF on February 10, 2015

Interactive Survey GraphicSee the Survey Results in a New Interactive Format!

Overseas Vote Foundation and U.S. Vote Foundation launched its 2014 Post-Election Survey on Election Day, November 4, 2014, and the survey ran through December 23, 2014.

The survey focused primarily on matters affecting the voting experiences of OVF and US Vote website users. The survey was designed to gain both quantitative and qualitative data. The response rate to the survey was 6.1 percent. This is our sixth post-election voter survey.

The 2014 survey results are presented in a new online format....

OVF Blog

March 25, 2015

Ballot Box drawingThis blog post has been written by Donald S. Inbody summarizing his article featured in the 'Election Law Journal'. Mr. Inbody's article discusses the implications of current election law on overseas and military voters and the struggles these demographics face when attempting to vote in elections:

Over a quarter of a million American citizens who lived overseas or were members of the American military attempted to vote in the 2012 General Election but were unable to be counted. The reasons for their failure are many, but antiquated absent voting procedures and arbitrary rules and deadlines are largely to blame. Increased use of modern technology, including the internet, will help.

Interest in making sure that Americans living abroad and service personnel located away from their homes can vote is at an all-time high. It is the rare public official who will make statements that might be perceived as advocating the disenfranchisement of someone in the armed services. Public opinion surveys show that the American population want their military to be able to vote,...