OVF's integrated web applications reduce the barriers created by complex government rules and regulations faced by overseas citizen and uniformed services voters. 

Voters, state and local election administrators and Voting Assistance Officers benefit because OVF’s tools expedite and simplify the registration procedure and dramatically reduce errors in the voter registration process.  

OVF's web applications are provided through a user-friendly interface that employs the latest web design techniques.

OVF's core applications include:

Details on the main applications...

Registration and Absentee Ballot Request:

  • Ensures that voters complete and generate their official voter registration/ballot request form confidently, accurately and without omissions 
  • Prompts the voter for information necessary to register to vote in his/her home state in accordance with each state’s unique state regulations
  • Error-checks during the process to ensure that the voter does not forget any required information
  • Eliminates the need to individually research unique state regulations and mailing instructions
  • Produces completed absentee voter registration/ballot request (FPCA) form, instructions, local election office mailing address and contact data

Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot:

  • State-specific emergency ballot wizard
  • Provides voters with federal-level candidate lists
  • Voters can point, click, vote, and print their ballots
  • Produces completed write-in ballot (FWAB) forms, instructions, local election office mailing address and contact data, and fax page

Election Official Directory:

  • Comprehensive and current directory of US election officials
  • Contains contact data including physical and mailing addresses, phone, fax, email, and website URLs for all local election jurisdictions

State-specific Voter Information Directory:

  • Election dates and associated registration form-filing deadline dates
  • Ballot submission deadline dates
  • Voter materials transmission options (paper, online, fax, download)
  • State election office contact details including website URL, telephone, fax, and email

Voter Help Desk with KnowledgeBase facilities:

  • Provides fast and friendly online voter support worldwide 
  • Sends timely, personalized responses to questions regarding voter registration requirements and form processing issues, as well as eligibility and balloting questions
  • Integrated support “KnowledgeBase” which assists voters who have questions similar to those asked by others in the past to receive instantaneous answers

My Voter Account: 

  • Allows voter to stop and/or save their information in a Voter Account at any step in the registration/ballot request process, or save it for future use, such as generating another form download, updating their form, or bring their data into the FWAB
  • Saves voters time when refiling required registration/ballot request form for each election year

Mailing List Signup:

  • Voters can sign up during the registration process or separately to receive Voter Alerts and survey invitations