The State Hosted Systems (SHS) Program was originally made possible through the generous support of the JEHT Foundation, which sadly became victim to the financial fraud of Bernard Madoff.


As part of the Center on the States program together with The Pew Charitable Trusts,, a major 2007 donor to Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF), JEHT Foundation took a central role in enabling effective voter solutions to the states in 2008.


The JEHT Foundation's support covered the launch of the SHS Program, its development and maintenance costs and provided additional challenge grants to OVF to help defray custom development costs for states participating in the program.  The SHS program continues successfully despite the loss of our generous donor.

“OVF’s vital work provides states with a practical solution to serve overseas and military voters. The SHS Program offers voters a simple, efficient way to register to vote when they are abroad. We applaud the states helping launch this innovative project and hope our support will encourage new states to join suit,” stated Nicole Gordon, vice president of the JEHT Foundation.