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Summit 2011 is a conference designed to stimulate the development of Technology, Data and Dialogue which address overseas and military voting issues and challenges that we face today.  

The event is open to all interested overseas citizen voters, members of the military and foreign services and their families, students, advocates, technologists, innovators, members of congress, election officials, secretaries of state, academics and members of the press.   Please join us!

Summit 2011 convenes a multi-stakeholder group committed to fulfilling on the promise of the franchise to overseas citizen and military voters – and we invite you to be a part of it.  Your involvement matters – don’t miss this landmark event!

Summit 2011 will be the venue for the first release of Post Election Survey Results - Get the scoop on how UOCAVA voting in 2010 was perceived and experienced by voters and election officials. Results of OVF's post election surveys will be presented and distributed.

Summit covers pressing issues, new technologies, innovative outreach and more.  Topics will include:

  • Assessing the Early Impact of the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act
  • Lessons Learned: the MOVE Act and Election Reform
  • UOCAVA and Technology: Experts will discuss cyber security issues and how they may come into play with Overseas and Military Voting
  • States and MOVE: Reactions after the First Year of MOVE Act
  • UOCAVA Legislation: where we stand on the electoral reform horizon

Summit 2011 is a forum for collaborative innovation designed to stimulate the power of our diverse network to address the pressing challenges facing overseas and military voters today in ways that will bring real tangible outcomes.

Summit 2011 is crucial in the evaluation of new legislation that has emerged encouraging states to create new initiatives to support overseas and military voters. 

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