Summit 2010 is a conference designed to constructively address overseas and military voting issues and challenges that we face today.  

The event is open to all interested overseas citizen voters, members of the military and foreign services and their families, students, advocates, technologists, innovators, members of congress, election officials, secretaries of state, academics and members of the press.   Please join us!

Summit 2010 convenes a multi-stakeholder group committed to fulfilling on the promise of the franchise to overseas citizen and military voters – and we invite you to be a part of it.  Your involvement matters – don’t miss this landmark event!

Join the critical discussions and debates on pressing issues, new technologies, innovative outreach and more.  Topics will include:

  • Impact of the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act
  • Military and Overseas Voter Outreach Strategies for Success
  • Continuing the Debate: Experts will Debate the Issues around Online, Internet-based Voting for Overseas and Military Voters: Debate
  • Focus on the States: Secretaries of State Speak Out on Overseas and Military Voting
  • Reaching-out to New Overseas and Military Voters: Strategies and Actions for 2010
  • New Strategies for the Future from the Federal Voting Assistance Program

Summit 2010 is a forum for collaborative innovation designed to stimulate the power of our diverse network to address the pressing challenges facing overseas and military voters today in ways that will bring real tangible outcomes.

Contribute your creative and intellectual efforts toward developing achievable and sustainable solutions.  Be a part of this forum to advance the discussion on key overseas and military voting issues:

  • The power of the Internet to democratize voting information and access to all US citizens around the globe;
  • New forms and approaches for outreach to a globally dispersed voter community;
  • The potential of Internet-based voting for overseas and military voters – where it stands, where it’s going;
  • Reflections on diasporas and their varied approaches to managing electoral participation, and what can be learned from others;
  • The ongoing challenges faced by overseas and military voters and what should be done to tackle them

Summit 2010 occurs at a pivotal time in the history of US elections, when new legislation has emerged encouraging states to create new initiatives to support overseas and military voters. 

Summit 2010 – Be Part of the Solution 

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