Power to Move

The “MOVE” Act Requires Immediate State Action

All U.S. States and Territories presently face the challenge of implementing new processes and online services to comply with the requirements outlined in the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act. 

According to the MOVE Act, states must provide overseas and military voters with online registration/ballot request assistance, online Federal Write-In Absentee Ballots, electronic blank ballot delivery and online voter ballot tracking services.

How to Comply

The Power to MOVE helps states achieve MOVE compliance in the smoothest manner possible.

Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF) and Scytl Secure Electronic Voting (Scytl) help states to tackle precisely the challenges they face with the new MOVE requirements through powerful, specialized software solutions.

Our team brings you our integrated overseas and military voter services as mandated by the MOVE Act and provides administrative efficiency and reporting benefits to you as the election administrator, while at the same time, improving online services to the voter. This cost-effective software system solution provides your overseas and military voters with MOVE-compliant state-of-the-art services and greater transparency in their voting process.

OVF and Scytl stand by technology where it is best applied, fully automating all document delivery and information services for overseas and military voting – while leaving intact and further supporting the process of secure, auditable paper balloting.

It is easy to comply with the requirements of the MOVE Act with The Power to MOVE…

Core System Components

- Base System: Overseas Vote Foundation’s State Hosted System

The technical base of The Power to MOVE solution is the OVF State Hosted System (SHS), a customized, integrated suite of services designed for overseas and military voters. Each state-customized SHS website includes the following modules:

  • Absentee Voter Registration and Ballot Request – customized by state
  • Vote-Print-Mail Ballot Service – provides automated “FWAB” with candidate lists
  • Election Official Directory Services – complete election office contact database
  • State Voter Information Directory Service – dates, deadlines, contact information
  • Voter Help Desk – instant response system knowledgebase and personal help services
  • My Voter Account – voters can save their registration data for future use
  • Mailing List – voters can opt-in to join your mailing list and receipt of Voter Alerts
  • Express Your Vote – FedEx ballot return shipping - special rates from 80 countries

OVF’s SHS provides the core “voter-facing” aspects of The Power to MOVE through its complete set of voter services. At the same time, the SHS provides another core function – it becomes the state’s website “hub” for overseas and military voter services. This new, customized online location becomes the place to send overseas and military voters for state-specific assistance. This alone, can alleviate a tremendous support burden from election officials across your state.

OVF SHS voter services set states on the path to meeting the requirements of the MOVE Act. Because it works through a “cloud-computing” concept, managed by OVF, the system requires little to no involvement by state IT managers or election administrators for their smooth operation. Additional services for voters can plug neatly into your state’s OVF SHS.

  • Click here for more information on OVF State Hosted Systems.
  • Click here to download the complete OVF State Hosted Systems brochure.

- Ballot System Modules: Scytl’s Pnyx.SecureBallot

Scytl’s new ballot administration system, Pnyx.SecureBallot (Pnyx.SB), offers secure blank ballot delivery and voter status tracking information.

The Pnyx.SB blank ballot delivery system allows election officials to assign voters to precincts and subsequently the correct ballot to voters, which are then transmitted online or by post per voter request.

Pnyx.SB’s voter status tracking module allows individual voters to download their ballot, vote and return it, and at any point check the status of their ballot as it moves through the administrative process and exchange information with the election officials – both voters and election officials can now take control of the process.

Scytl’s Pnyx.SB election administration modules offer a natural enhancement to the OVF SHS Base System, completing the suite of online election administration and voter services required by the MOVE Act. Streamlined data transfer and voter account management allow Scytl’s PSB to seamlessly integrate with each state’s OVF SHS, significantly augmenting the total system functionality to include blank ballot delivery and voter status tracking.

Primary Features

  • Local Election Official tracking of absentee ballots to be received by fax, postal mail or electronic means
  • Management of district and precinct relationships, and associated ballot styles
  • Appropriate assignment of blank ballots to voters
  • Download of appropriate blank ballots by voters
  • Extensive Local Election Official reporting and administrative capabilities
  • Strong User Management in conjunction with the My Voter Account from OVF’s SHS
  • Voter access to on-demand status of materials requested and returned to election officials, without compromising privacy
  • Automatic notifications using My Voter Account
  • Robust statistics and report generation
  • Cryptographic protocols specifically designed to ensure the privacy of the data stored in the system
  • Full audit mechanisms

High Security Features

  • Administrative access restricted to authenticated users
  • Use of SSL for channel encryption and server authentication (anti-phishing)
  • Immutable logs for recording election official actions and facilitating system audit

Reliability and Availability Features

  • Deployed in high availability environment
  • Scalable for growth
  • On-demand / 24x7 during election period
  • Post-election Reporting for US Election Assistance Commission and Federal Voting Assistance Program
  • Source code available for audits


  • Website style: Look and feel, messages - to be adapted to state requirements
  • Flexibility assured as requirements change


  • Graphic user interface for election officials and voters
  • User-friendly, “wizard-based” actions
  • Minimal personnel support effort on part of election officials and state

Scytl’s Pnyx.SB is a proven and reliable closed loop solution that allows for reliable and secure management of the overseas voting process.  It helps both election officials and voters manage and track specific items important to them on-demand.  In particular, it gives overseas voters a clear view of the process; it moves overseas voters from observers in a process they have had little understanding of, to a position of allowing them to view and manage their participation in the American election process.

Security takes the key central role to make sure that complete and accurate ballots arrive at their destination. Scytl is providing The Power to MOVE initiative with tamper-proof security; using data encryption and audit mechanisms using immutable audit logs that track the exact data stored in the system to make sure it arrives intact and unchanged as well as verifying the electronic identity of the voters downloading the material.

About Overseas Vote Foundation (www.overseasvotefoundation.org)

Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan public charity which helps overseas and military voters participate in U.S. elections by providing public access to secure, web-based voter registration tools and services. In 2008, 4.75 million website visitors used OVF’s Internet-based voter services.

OVF also nurtures open and constructive discussion on the role and use of technology in overseas and military voting. OVF believes that when applied appropriately, the Internet and other new technologies can help overseas voters more rapidly than any other factor.

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Scytl Secure Electronic Voting (Scytl) is a worldwide leader in the electoral modernization industry. Its solutions incorporate unique security features - derived from over 15 years of pioneering R&D and protected by a portfolio of international patents - that enable election administrators and by extension, voters, to carry out all types of election related processes in a completely secure and auditable manner, ensuring voters' privacy, ballot box integrity, and voter-verifiability.

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