5 Easy Steps to Get Your Cocktail Party Civics Meetup Underway

  1. Decide the time and place for your first Cocktail Party Civics (CPC) event
  2. Access the OVF Cocktail Party Civics Meetup Everywhere page online at http://www.meetup.com/Cocktail-Party-Civics/
  3. Click on the red button on the left sidebar, "Schedule a Meetup about Cocktail Party Civics," and you will see these three choices:
      - Meetup Member: Login
      - Facebook Account:  Enter your FB Login
      - Join as a new Member:  Sign-up as a new Meetup Member by entering your name, email address, password and location
  4. Promote your event to your friends through your Facebook page, through Twitter, through emails and any other way you can.  
  5. You will receive an email alert every time someone signs up to attend your upcoming CPC event. Both you and your attendees can leave comments on the event page, creating a pre-event discussion board.

Helpful Hints for Promoting and Holding your Cocktail Party Civics Meetup Event

  • Download and read through the Cocktail Party Civics "How-to" Program Guide.
  • Promote your event through Facebook, Twitter, email, word-of-mouth, and/or blogs.  Consider sharing the CPC meetup link with others (for example, are you a member of  a message board, group email, other networking site?)
  • Print copies of the selected CPC Conversation Starter Handout topic for your CPC guests.
  • Consider having a copy of the U.S. Constitution available at your event.
  • Present your topic in an interactive manner! Encourage conversation and questions.
  • Have your next CPC Meetup date ready to announce to your guests - and suggest a regular CPC Meetup schedule.
  • Encourage CPC guests to start their own CPC events series!

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