Cocktail Party Civics Meetup

Call to Action!

OVF believes in “politics without the rant.”  By refocusing on civics, the basis for our political system, we can be civil in our discourse and have some very meaningful interactions. Join us and MIX IT UP at a Cocktail Party Civics event!

Calling all U.S. Citizens - everywhere - around the globe!

Take Action: Get out there with your fellow Americans – living within the U.S. or abroad – and have a party! Organize your own "Cocktail Party Civics" (CPC) groups - Yes, we are asking you to get together and conduct some civil discourse!

Signup and Start: See our simple Cocktail Party Civics "How-to" instructions to create your CPC event. Signup is through CPC Meetup Everywhere.  Read on for more details and to gain access to the CPC Conversation Starter Handout materials.

Cocktail Party ... Civics?

CIVICS!  Have you ever felt left out of a vibrant political conversation because you couldn’t remember basic civics concepts, like what the Electoral College does? Were you ever asked a political or civics question that elicited more panic than pleasure? Cocktail Party Civics Logo At Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF), we know exactly what that’s like and we’re willing to admit it. And we are here to tell you that those cotton-mouthed days are gone!

It is time to act – to be the life of the party and carry the conversation, as you know you can.

Get Together to Talk about Politics?

OVF doesn't believe that political discourse has to be a partisan debate. Instead, we believe that the basis for civility in politics is a return to "civics" in politics!

Our objective is to call you to action!  What better way to practice civil discourse than to have a Cocktail Party and make it the subject? Build the basis of constructive political discussion by meeting together to explore the Cocktail Party Civics topics.

Cocktail Party Civics - Conversation Starter Handouts  CPC Handout Icon

Check out the CPC Conversation Starter Handouts we've designed specifically for CPC events!  

An ancient Greek politician once said, "just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you!"  This is just as true today in America as it was then in Greece.  Don't let the partisan debates that dominates our current discussions about politics prevent you from learning what you need to know to be an informed and fully engaged citizen and voter.  Return to the basics:  the U.S. Constitution, and go from there!   

Take a minute to read our Cocktail Party Civics "How-to" instructions.

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Cocktail Party Civics falls under the OVF 2010 “Educate. Participate. Connect.” outreach initiative created with the generous support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York.