The Best and Worst of 2007: Voting Rights and Elections
The Century Foundation by Tova Andrea Wang, December 24, 2007
WASHINGTON: While 2007 was not an election year, there was plenty of action in the voting world nonetheless.... continue

Bringing home the overseas vote
France24, by  Leela Jacinto, December 20, 2007
PARIS: Overlooked, politically underrepresented and frequently disregarded, US citizens abroad want their voices – and their votes – heard.... continue reading at

Web site aims to help overseas voters
Stars and Stripes - Pacific edition, By Teri Weaver, December 17, 2007
TOKYO: In 2004, the Pentagon spent $576,000 developing the Interim Voting Assistance System to help overseas voters request and receive ballots..... continue reading at

Overseas electronic voting pilot project announced
Government Computer News by William Jackson, December 5, 2007
WASHINGTON: Overseas voters registered in Okaloosa County, Fla., will have a chance to try an electronic absentee voting system in next year’s general election, county election officials announced. ... continue reading at

Military no longer battling for ballots
Medill Reports by Emily Whipp, December 4, 2007
WASHINGTON: Members of the military serving away from home have lower voting rates than the rest of the population.  Many experts say this is not due to a lack of political interest, but rather it is because the process of registering to vote is too complicated.... continue reading at

Troops may miss vote:
Earlier primary makes getting ballots overseas and back a challenge

Macomb Daily by Chad Selweski, November 29, 2007
MICHIGAN: With preparations for the Jan. 15 presidential primary election off to a late start, officials worry that some U.S. troops from Michigan stationed in Iraq and other overseas military installations may not be able to cast a ballot.... continue reading at

Research Report: Bringing Voting Rights to Overseas and Military Voters
The Century Foundation by Tova Andrea Wang, November 29, 2007
WASHINGTON: ...examines the problems encountered in making sure that these votes are counted, and suggests reforms for both easing the procedural problems and improving turnout among this often neglected group of voters... continue reading at (PDF download)

U.S. Takes Steps to Simplify Voting From Abroad
New York Times by Brian Knowlton, November 28, 2007
WASHINGTON:  For Americans abroad...continue reading at

Efforts increase to enfranchise U.S. citizens abroad
International Herald Tribune by Brian Knowlton, November 28, 2007
WASHINGTON:  For Americans abroad, who often feel underrepresented, overlooked and little appreciated in the United States, the approach of the 2008 elections has brought some grounds for hope that this time their votes have a better chance of counting... continue reading at

Ruling on primary puts heat on clerks: Counties must act fast to get ballots to people voting outside Michigan
Lansing State Journal by Chris Andrews, November 27, 2007
LANSING:  County clerks fear absentee voters overseas and elsewhere may not get their presidential primary ballots in enough time to send them back and have their votes counted.... continue reading at

Your Turn: Voice your appreciation for all veterans
St. Cloud Times by Mark Ritchie, November 23, 2007
ST. CLOUD:  Minnesotans have courageously served our nation in every armed conflict since the Civil War. Citizens and their government have historically honored those who served on Veterans Day... continue reading at

American Citizens Abroad endorses two Congressional voting rights bills for Americans overseas
ACA Media Advisory, November 20, 2007
GENEVA: Two bills were introduced in the House by Representatives Maloney and Honda to improve outreach to American overseas voters.... continue reading at

Mich. clerks say it's too late to get ready for Jan. 15 primary
Associated Press by Kathy Barks Hoffman, November 20, 2007
LANSING: Michigan's county clerks said today they want to pull the plug on the Jan. 15 presidential primary, now less than 60 days away... continue reading at

American Expatriates Endorse Voting Rights Bill
Associated Content by Jules Popp, November 20, 2007
GENEVA American Citizens endorsing two bills to improve the voting rights of United States citizens living overseas.... continue reading at

Rep. Maloney Introduces Bill to Protect the Rights of Overseas Voters
VoteTrustUSA by Rep. Carolynn Maloney, November 16, 2007
WASHINGTON: Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), co-chair of the Americans Abroad Caucus, has introduced legislation to protect the voting rights of the millions of American citizens currently living overseas... continue reading at

Safeguarding the Right to Vote for Overseas Americans
Rep. Mike Honda, November 15, 2007
WASHINGTON: I introduced a bill yesterday that would eliminate overseas voting barriers such as the requirement that voters notarize the envelope with their ballot.... continue reading at

US presidential candidates head overseas
Associated Press Writer by D'Arcy Doran, October 14, 2007
LONDON: The British capital has become a favorite destination for presidential hopefuls... continue reading at

US overseas voting hot topic at Madrid Conference
Expatica Spanish News, El Pais by Kelly Ramundo, November 14, 2007
MADRID: In the wake of the US 2004 elections, complicated by new voting machines... continue reading at

Giving overseas voters a direct connection
Stars and Stripes, European edition by Geoff Ziezuliwicz, November 12, 2007
RAF MILDENHALL, ENGLAND:  A bit of the Sunshine State will be coming overseas next year to help simplify absentee voting... continue reading at

Ensuring troops are able to vote
The Birmingham News by Beth Chapman, November 11, 2007
BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA: Today, as we celebrate Veterans Day and memorialize the untold sacrifices of Alabama's military members, we should commit to ensuring every one of them has the ability to cast his vote at home while serving abroad... continue reading at

Viewpoint: using technology to improve UOCAVA
AEI-Brookings Election Reform Project by Blake Hulnick and Daniel O’Brien, November 7, 2007
WASHINGTON: News stories seem to proliferate after every election about the alarmingly low turnout rates among American voters. A story that frequently goes unreported, however, concerns the sizable chunk of our population living abroad... continue reading at

Enfranchising overseas voters
National Journal, Rules of the Game by Eliza Carney, November 5, 2007
WASHINGTON: The Defense Department has poured more than $1 million into making it easier for military personnel and other overseas Americans to vote, but has little to show for it... continue reading at

American Citizens Abroad links up with the Overseas Vote Foundation
PRWeb, November 5, 2007
GENEVA:  American Citizens Abroad is pleased to announce that it has been invited by Overseas Vote Foundation to join their Strategic Alliance Program... continue reading at

Overseas Vote Foundation better than ever
Way Beyond the Beltway, November 3, 2007
STOCKHOLM:  The best resource for America’s overseas voters just got better. On October 25, the Overseas Vote Foundation officially launched its new site... continue reading at

U.S. absentee voting registration red tape ends on the Internet
Haaretz by Daphna Berman, November 2, 2007
ISRAEL: A new Internet service introduced last week in Washington, D.C. is expected to ease and streamline absentee voting in U.S. elections for eligible voters living abroad... continue reading at

States work to make absentee voting easier
Army Times by Karen Jackson, October 31, 2007
WASHINGTON: The new Web site, at, helps troops and civilian U.S. citizens abroad register without having to sift through mountains of information by finding their correct jurisdiction for them... continue reading at

IT gives e-voting a booster shot
Government Computer News by William Jackson, October 30, 2007
WASHINGTON: Cybereye | Commentary:  Even when IT is not a silver bullet, it might be part of the solution.  The Overseas Vote Foundation deserves credit for the new suite of online tools launched with its newly revamped Web site... continue reading at

Ohio part of online project to help overseas voters
Dispatch, October 30, 2007
COLUMBUS:  Ohio is one of three states participating in a pilot project designed to make it easier for members of the military and others living overseas to access voting information online... continue reading at

Web site offers voting aid to overseas service members, civilians
Federal Daily, October 29, 2007
WASHINGTON: A new Internet-based voter services Web site offers help to the more than 6 million Americans—members of the military and civilians living overseas—to vote in upcoming elections... continue reading at 

Website to aid overseas voters by Malia Rulon, October 28, 2007
WASHINGTON:  A new Web site unveiled Thursday seeks to help about 6 million members of the military and U.S. citizens living abroad register to vote... continue reading at

Online tools for US voters abroad
Banderas News, October 27, 2007
WASHINGTON: The Pew Charitable Trusts and Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF) announced new Web-based voter services to help the more than six million Americans - members of the military and civilians living overseas - take the steps necessary to vote in upcoming elections... continue reading at

Voting Overseas
13th Floor, by Alan Greenblatt, October 26, 2007
WASHINGTON:  I just had lunch with two secretaries of state, Jennifer Brunner of Ohio and Beth Chapman of Alabama... continue reading at

New online tool for overseas voter registration
Government Computer News by William Jackson, October 26, 2007
WASHINGTON: The Overseas Vote Foundation today launched an online tool to help military personnel and civilians living abroad navigate the maze of state and local voter registration requirements... continue reading at

ServerVault provides secure web hosting for OVF by Andrew Horan, October 25, 2007
WASHINGTON: Company will provide support for enhanced voter registration website for Americans living abroad and soldiers stationed overseas... continue reading at  

Military service members, other overseas voters face hurdles to voting
electionline Weekly by Katherine Zambon, October 25, 2007
WASHINGTON: New website to provide crucial assistance in registering to vote... continue reading at

Early primaries may hurt military voters
Media General News Service by James Crawley, September 28, 2007
WASHINGTON: Many soldiers in Iraq may not get a vote in the upcoming presidential primaries. Same goes for the troops in Afghanistan and U.S. expatriates living and working overseas... continue reading at

Data on overseas absentee ballots raise questions
International Herald Tribune by Brian Knowlton, September 27, 2007
WASHINGTON: A new federal survey has found that a scant one-third of the nearly one million absentee ballots requested for the U.S. general election last year by overseas American civilians or active-duty service members were actually cast or counted... continue reading at

Casting a Ballot from Abroad is No Sure Bet
New York Times by Ian Urbina, June 13, 2007
NEW YORK: Over the last six years, the Defense Department has spent more than $30 million trying to find an efficient way for American soldiers and civilians living abroad to vote in elections back home... continue reading at

GAO Research Report on UOCAVA
June 2007
ELECTIONS: Action Plans Needed to Fully Address Challenges in Electronic Absentee Voting Initiatives for Military and Overseas Citizens
Highlights of GAO-07-774 Report to Congressional Committees... continue reading at (PDF download)

Overseas Voters Continue to Face Challenges by Kat Zambon, February 15, 2007
WASHINGTON: Twenty percent of voters abroad were unable to cast ballots... continue reading at

One in 5 overseas Americans unable to vote in elections
International Herald Tribune by Brian Knowlton, February 11, 2007
WASHINGTON: One in five Americans overseas who sought to vote in the midterm elections in November was unable to do so, often because the ballot arrived late, or not at all, according to a survey... continue reading at