Overseas Vote Foundation (OVF) believes that in order to improve the voting participation for overseas and military voters, both voters and election officials need practical and effective tools that alleviate the complexity of the overseas voter registration and ballot delivery process.

OVF, together with Secretaries of State and Chief Election Officials, facilitates cross-state dialogue in an effort to support the creation, implementation and expansion of safe-technology voter registration and blank-ballot delivery for overseas and military voters.


States supporting and participating in the OVF State Alliance Program:

  • Alabama
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Ohio


State Hosted Systems


OVF is pleased to license our software to states who would like to offer overseas and military voters an improved voter registration solution.  OVF's State Hosted Systems licensing program allows states to customize OVF's tools for use on their own website.  States can instantly provide the same services that OVF offers and give their voters a vastly improved online registration experience.  Alabama, Minnesota and Ohio are current licensees of OVF's State Hosted Systems solutions.