8 Mailboxes/Polling PlacesWhere in the world is your mailbox?

Whatever color it is, whatever language is written on the outside, they're all good for the same things: sending postcards...love letters...and Votes for U.S. Congress 2010!

Here are some of the mailboxes out there in the world from which Congress will be elected on November 2, 2010.

Why do we like mailboxes so much?

Casey in SpainOverseas Vote Foundation (OVF) recommends strongly that you return your voted mailbox by regular mail or express delivery via our Express Your Vote program

Many states now allow youVietnam to return your ballot via fax or even as an email attachment. While there are circumstances where this may be necessary -- as for military voters on the front lines -- email of all kinds is too easily spied on or even changed en route to entrust with the ultimate in private information: your ballot. Faxes can't be hacked but they too undermine this principle of the secret ballot that is at the very heart of our electoral system.

Andee in IsraelAs our tools show, OVF is all about using technology to extend the franchise and simplify the voting process for overseas and military voters. But we believe that the Internet must be used in a way to always bolster electoral integrity; one hacked ballot could compromise an entire election and that's too much of a risk.

By all means: fax your registration card! Ask for a blank ballot via email!

Mail your ballot. 

Merrilee in AustraliaThat's why we like mailboxes. (Running late? Not confident that your ballot will make it all the way? Express Your Vote!)

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(You see here Vietnam, Spain, Israel and Australia. We have more on the Photos tab of our Facebook page. A million thanks to our extraordinary volunteers and everyone who submitted a photo of their polling place/mailbox!)