Out of the country doesEducate. Participate. Connect.n't mean out of the loop! Share these great civics and history podcasts with your expatriate family and friends.

The following are also available as free podcasts on the U.S. site of iTunes.

Humanities scholar and first-person interpreter of Thomas Jefferson Clay Jenkinson portrays Jefferson and  answers listener questions while in the persona of Jefferson.

We Love: The 35 Words Project
A project to solicit recordings in foreign languages of the quote, "We hold these truths..." Calling overseas citizens!

Listen to the declarations, speeches and essays that form the core principles of U.S. Government.

We Love:
Maybe you never really read the Federalist Papers but it's easy to listen to them!

A radio program that brings historical perspective to the events happening around us today. U.S. history professors Ed Ayers, Peter Onuf, and Brian Balogh take a topic from the headlines and examine its historical origins.

We Love: The irreverent "Guys" plus listeners who call in to set them straight!

A more serious but quicker daily podcast to explore themes related to civics and government and  the constitutional issues behind the headlines.

We Love: The daily civics quiz

A monthly audio program intended to promoting an enlightened and responsible citizenry. It tells the stories of students and teachers throughout the world engaged in making their communities better places.

We Love:
Hearing young people talk about things like "civic virtue" without a trace of sarcasm!

A PBS show that claims to be TV's longest-running, most-watched history series. If you have a fast-enough Internet connection, you can watch it online. Or just read their blog, which recaps the behind-the-scenes stories.

We Love: Learning factoids like James Earl Ray escaping from maximum security prison in a bread truck or that Dolley and James Madison were introduced by Aaron Burr.

Produced by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the world’s largest "living history" museum, this features both readings of famous documents  and reports from all kinds of various experts, from shipwreck archaelogists to food historians.

We Love: For the Fourth, check out Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drum Corps...the instruments  designed to be heard over cannon and musket fire.

A recording or reading of the really famous ones from the entire spectrum of American leaders: President Kennedy and President Reagan. Even Winston Churchill honoring American Thanksgiving!

We Love: Imagining that we're hearing these speeches live on the radio as when they were first given.

A collection of audio recordings of famous Supreme Court decisions plus related articles.

We Love:
Okay, this one takes a bit of concentration and the creator only made it to 10 episodes (hear them all on iTunes) but most of these are civil rights decisions so we love studying the "real thing".

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